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Our Volunteers

The store has a diverse group of people who love to volunteer and support the charities. Volunteers are critical to the success of the Community Thrift Store and are our most valuable resource. We rely on volunteers to operate. We have developed an open and inclusive atmosphere of work and fun that attracts people to want to be involved.

Interested in volunteering?


Volunteering here almost seven years ago changed my life immeasurably. My first shift, I was welcomed with enthusiasm and told that any help I could provide was more help than there had been the day before.

I had been suffering from both mental and physical disabilities for years, many of which I have since overcome. 

I began working in the back room of the thrift store sorting the incoming items. Over time as my confidence grew I was asked to take on different tasks in both the back and then the front of the store. 

I was asked to assist new staff in learning how we complete the various tasks and three years ago I moved into a leadership role.

I am now the Sunday Supervisor and I have the pleasure of reminding staff, old and new that whatever time and effort they are able to provide is more than we had the day before.

Working with a group people who are caring enough to be volunteers is immensely satisfying as well as knowing that I am assisting our customers to purchase items for a great price, while supporting both the firefighters and hospice to continue to do the wonderful work they do. 

Janet C.


I started volunteering at the thrift store after retiring and wanting to do something in the community.  Over the years I have benefited by meeting new people and making friends with many.  The work at the store is always interesting and many bags opened bring surprises.  It is gratifying to see people shop for necessities at a reasonable price.

Marilyn K.


We have placed our clients in volunteer positions at the Community Thrift Store for many years now because of the supportive and active role Donna provides in each person’s experience.  Volunteers will receive one-on-one training, guidance and encouragement resulting in new skills upon which to build.  We’ve witnessed our volunteers flourish and gain renewed self-confidence through their experience. Thank you Donna!

Danielle P.

Unpaid Work Experience Specialist

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